Hospital hodgepodge; yesterday, October 5, 2016; Part I

Dressed for surgery. Here is an attempt at a winning smile.
Dressed for surgery. Here is an attempt at a winning smile.


Hodgepodge: A mixture of different things.  [First use: 15th Century]

-- Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Borough of State College, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Hospital Room with a glorious view of two mountains, 2:14 A. M. patiently waiting for morphine (due to arrive in an hour), ebulliently fondling a Medtronics spinal stimulator.

What follows is a snippet from Medtronics documentation: Reducing chronic pain as a consequence of thorough data collection… When I worked in the Silicon Valley,  I knew how to write this kind of documentation. Reading and understanding is more difficult. Frequently, one asks oneself is the effort to read and comprehend worthwhile.







Bottom line:  “Ebullience” is the word of the hour, the day, the month, the season.

Finally, after over three years of continual search I am on the brink of completion. Late Wednesday morning [October 5th], surgeon Dr. Gregory Bailey and Dr. Michael Feffer (my anesthesiologist by way of Brooklyn–we each checked in our own way) ” figured you were from Brooklyn” he said interrupting a description of the cocktails that would (and did) knock me out. Blotto.








Plotting surgery that would make me well before noon. Dr. Bailey is on our left.




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