I do not have enough money to pay for pain medication

What is wrong with me

1. Spinal pain

2. Reduce pain so I can address the spinal disc and bone hitting nerve problems displayed on CAT scan this month.

3. Deal with the concern that enlarged lymph nodes under my shoulders indicate that Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of the lymphatic system has returned.

4. Reduce anxiety that the small kidney cancer tumors will not get larger.

5. The kidney cancer operation on August 2013 followed by several periods of intense dental pain (I had another tooth pulled in November 2014) meant that I have not been exercising and am out of shape.

The brilliant physical therapist Alicia J. Spence at State College's Phoenix Rehab begins; it is time for me to return to her.
The brilliant physical therapist Alicia J. Spence at State College’s Phoenix Rehab who I see on Tuesday March 31st at 11;00 A.M. Alicia  literally will help me get back on my feet again. 

6. I require extensive physical therapy as well as incorporating exercise as part of my daily regime.

 If you have a PayPal account:

1. Open browser.


2.. Enter paypal.

3. From keyboard, press ENTER.

4. You will see the following screen:


5. Click on Log in.


5. Enter Email address and Password.

6.  Click on Log in button.


11. Click on Send Money.


12. Enter my email address: [email protected]

13. Please enter the amount. Please feel free to donate more than $25.

14. Click on I’m sending money to family or friends.

15. Click on Continue.

Thank you.

 If you do not have a PayPal account:

Please send a check made out to Joel Solkoff

Please mail the check to the following address: Joel Solkoff, 120 East Beaver Avenue, Apt 107, State College, PA 16801.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Note: I will be completing the two following sections:

How I plan to spend the donations


How much money I earn each month for Social Security, my only source of income.


How I plan to get back “on my feet” and earn enough income to pay for my health needs.






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