Jan. to Feb. 1970: Letters from and to my father

My father Isadore Solkoff on his wedding day to my mother Miriam Pell, New York City 1945


January, 1970 letter from Isadore Solkoff, Miami, Florida, to Joel Solkoff, New York City

Isadore Solkoff arranged for Jabotinsky to speak to a packed crowd at Town Hall in New York City in March of 1935 warning of the impending Holocaust. 

Jabotinsky was the founder of the Zionist political party now running the state of Israel. 


January from 1970’s Chronology edited by James Stuart Olson

Historical Dictionary of the 1970s - Google Books


February, 1970 letter from Joel Solkoff, New York City, to Isadore Solkoff, Miami, Florida



February-March from 1970’s Chronology

1970 Federal Government
President: Richard Nixon (R-California)
Vice President: Spiro Agnew (R-Maryland)
Chief Justice: Warren E. Burger (Minnesota)
Speaker of the House of Representatives: John William McCormack (D-Massachusetts)
Senate Majority Leader: Mike Mansfield (D-Montana)
Congress: 91st










Published on Feb 8, 2016

I was given the assignment of using found film footage to make a video that could not exceed 3 minutes. I decided to use footage and news reports of major pop culture and political events of the 1970’s, and to make a short video that would include some defining moments of the 70’s. Since it could only be about 3 minutes long, the video had to be pretty rushed, and I had to leave out a lot of important and cool stuff from the 70’s. Forgive me for the rushed feel it has! Enjoy!



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