“Man I love how Redman tastes…Honey I love your love the most”


Early in its history, Red Man advertisements were painted on the sides of barns, featuring an endorsement from baseball player Nap Lajoie: "Lajoie chews Red Man, ask him if he don't."


Man I love how Redman tastes


Any song sung by George Strait

is Country at its best

Damn I love my Nascar race

 is country at it’s best

Yes I love good cold beer
And mustard on my fries


I love a good loud Honky Tonk

that rocks on Friday nights

And hell yes I love my truck

but I want you to know

Honey I love your love the most




Wikipedia on Redman Chewing Tobacco: “First introduced in 1904. Red Man has traditionally come as leaf tobacco, in contrast to twist chewing tobacco or the ground tobacco used in snuff. It is made by the Pinkerton Tobacco company of Owensboro, Kentucky. In 1985, Pinkerton was acquired by a Swedish corporation, and after further corporate reshuffling,  is owned primarily by institutional investors. The proportion owned by non-Swedish investors is approximately 80%


“Nashville’s new riverfront amphitheater will open July 30 with a headline show by seven-time Grammy nominee Eric Church, ushering in an inaugural outdoor concert season featuring big names from past and present.” The New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2015/04/24/us/ap-us-travel-brief-outdoor-concerts-nashville.html



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