Michael J. Arlen’s analysis of a television commercial


“The purpose of the meeting is to discuss locations for a series of five television commercials, each thirty seconds long, that Steve Horn, who is director of filmed television commercials, will be shooting for N.W. Ayer and its client, American Telephone and Telegraph.

“Alayne is speaking (she is a woman in her early thirties, with tortoiseshell eyeglasses and a broad, open Irish face): ‘Look, the Long Island Game Farm is fantastic, but the problem is we can’t use a camel.’

“Gaston says, “O.K., we cancel the camel.”

“Linda says: ‘How about llamas?’

“Steve says ‘Llamas are terrific. I like llamas, except they spit.’

“Jerry says, ‘How badly do we need llamas?’

“Alayne says: ‘Actually research says kids only remember the little things they can pick up–the cuddly bunnies. Research says if you show a kid a llama or a camel he usually doesn’t remember he’s seen one.'”

–from Thirty Seconds by Michael J. Arlen

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