North Carolina’s regressive sales tax on house trailers. Take that, poor people!

State could help wealthy more 

It’s not enough that our state government has cut income taxes on job producers, and eliminated the inheritance tax that for too long burdened the successful, and shifted more of the tax burden onto the moocher class.

I admit, the state’s attack on the “less fortunate” seems thorough. (They even hiked the sales tax on house trailers! Take that, poor people!)

Yet, more could easily be done. Income over $500,000 per year could be made tax-free — a wholesome incentive to work harder that might inspire us all. Income above $1 million per year could be, not taxed, but matched by direct payments from treasury to earner. Why not?

Readers can decide for themselves whether I am being serious. No doubt some will think these are good ideas, including people without any means ever to benefit. Such are the times. Such is this electorate.


Fountain, North Carolina

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