Do not go toothless into the dark night campaign

“Say ahhh. I’m going to pull nine teeth. This is going to hurt a lot.”


Monday, I have an appointment with oral surgeon Stephen L. Engroff, MD, DDS, all around good guy at Tri-County Oral Facial Surgeons, a convent short scooter ride away.


Please think of this as a donation opportunity


If you have to have a tooth pulled (I have) or root canal work (I have) TriCounty is the place to go.

[Too longer for a t-shirt or a bumper sticker.]

My fine dentist Harvey Israel recently revised his prediction. Initially, he thought Medicare would only pay for it if I stayed in the hospital overnight and had all nine teeth removed at once. Perhaps, Dr. Engroff can arranged to have four teeth pulled, then another four teeth, then three more.

My motto:”I do not embrace dental pain. Dental pain embraces me.”

Thepulling begins the second week in April immediately following my granddaughter’s first birthday party.















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