NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS. Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Tamed”, plus sign language video “I kissed a girl and liked it.”


For those who don’t know me, / I can get a bit crazy  Have to get my way, yep / 24 hours a day / ’cause I’m hot like that /

Every guy, everywhere / just gives me mad attention / Like I’m under inspection

I always gets a ten, / ’cause I’m built like that / I go through guys like money / flyin’ out the hands / They try to change me / but they realize they can’t

And every tomorrow is a day I never plan / If you’re gonna be my man understand

I can’t be tamed / I can’t be tamed / I can’t be blamed / I can’t, can’t, I can’t, can’t be tamed / I can’t be changed / I can’t be tamed / I can’t be, can’t, I can’t be tamed

If there was a question about my intentions, / I’ll tell ya / I’m not here to sell ya / Or tell you to  go to hell / (I’m not a brat like that) / I’m like a puzzle / but all of my pieces are jagged /

If you can understand this, / we can make some magic, / I’m wrong like that

I wanna fly, / I wanna drive, / I wanna go / I wanna be a part of something I don’t know

And if you try to hold me back I might explode / Baby, by now you should know


Line in the sand.

Below this line is material that shocked me–demonstrating that at 66 I am not as mature as I thought.

Consider Miley Cyrus’ current hit:


Miley Cyrus is 21. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Her father was a cornball country music singer who involved her in his work. Disney cast her as a wholeshome heroine until….

Here is Wikipedia:

“Cyrus developed an adult image and mainstream pop sound ….Cyrus’ maturing image progressed [and] featured more prominent dance elements than her earlier releases, and was promoted through sexually-themed performances….

“After signing with RCA Records, Cyrus released her fourth album, Bangerz, in 2013. Its singles “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” were promoted with provocative music videos.

The former was additionally performed during a controversial performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, while the latter became her first number-one hit in the United States.

Cyrus is recognized as among the most successful artists to originate from Disney. Cyrus ranked number thirteen on Forbes‘ 2010 Celebrity 100. By the age of 18, she had seven top-ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and had four RIAA certified albums. As of October 2013, Cyrus has nine top-ten hits on the Hot 100.


Post-Lady Gaga feminists

An emerging group of talented performers are singing praiseworthy feminist themes. That they shock me at times is good.

Miley Cirus is joined by Katy Perry as forerunners of this new generation of talented and startlingly shocking feminists. Consider: “I kissed a girl and liked it.”



This is a disability friendly site. “I Kissed a Girl,” originally recorded and performed by Katy Perry, performed in American Sign Language by Shanna Syme.



From CBS News, September 3, 2003

More On The-Madonna-Britany Kiss!

So, how did Britney Spears’ parents react when the 21-year-old pop star locked lips with Madonna on the MTV Video Music Awards?

“Well, my mom liked it actually. I was really kind of nervous! I was like, `Oh my God, my mom … she’s going to see this!”‘ Spears said in an interview on “Access Hollywood.”

“But no, she liked it! And my dad, weirdly enough, he thought it was fine, too. I mean, come on … it’s Madonna. If you can kiss any girl in the world, that has to be her.”


The tourch has been passed to a new generation of Americans….

1991 – Madonna – LIKE A VIRGIN

This is the old generation.

— Joel Solkoff

Copyright 2013 by Joel Solkoff. All rights reserved.


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