Dancing a wheelchair tango at the Inaugural Ball for New Mexico Governor Grisham

Santa: In my Yiddisha stocking, please insert a plane ticket to New Mexico, a reservation for a mobility device when I arrive, one $1,00 ticket and enough moola to make a donation to HIAS, pay off my most demanding creditors before dancing the tango at the inaugural ball for Michelle Lujan Grisham, the wonderful new governor of New Mexico, who will embrace refugees from the horrors of central America as the Statute of Liberty recommends.

PBS: Appoint Jane Ferguson, risking her life in Yemen, permanent moderator, Washington Week

Yesterday, at risk to her life, Jane Ferguson reported on the PBS’ excellent News Hour from the only open port in Yemen from which food and medicine can still be shipped to provide relief to millions of civilians .
A fragile cease-fire the UN negotiated in Sweden may bring a modicum of hope in a country where tragedy prevails.

Meanwhile, on the PBS network, Washington Week—once the premier weekly opinion program in the US—exemplifies the dominant isolationism of,the White House Corps. On Friday night Washington Week continued to ignore ( as it has for years) the humanitarian tragedy in Yemen and President Trump’s complicity in Saudi genocide.

PBS should immediately appoint Jane Ferguson Washington Week’s peermant moderator,replacing Robert Costa who covers the White House for The Washington Post. If Ferguson is not available, Reporters without Borders has many brave reporters on the front lines of the world’s humanitarian crises. American politicians tell the public we are the leading power in the world. If that power is to mean anything, it must be used to resolve crises— not hide from them and pretend they do not exist.

Rose Mallinger, 97, was the eldest of the 11 members of Pittsburgh’s Conservative congregation killed in the worst anti-Semitic attack in US history

“I’ve known Rose a long time and it was always going to be that she was so vibrant and bright and sharp-witted that she would live past 100,” said Organist. “You knew something was going to take her eventually, but it wasn’t going to be gun violence.”

“Enclosed is an invitation I received from the White House” 1978

“I HAVE a secret to tell you. Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall has mice in his office. In fact, there are mice all up and down the second floor at the U.S. Department of Labor building in Washington, D.C. I have mice in my office. There are mice in the offices of the staff. There are mice in the conference rooms. When the coal negotiations were taking place in what the papers called the “blue-curtained room down the hall from Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall’s office,” there were mouse traps.”

Heather Smith is the heroine of the Libertarian Disability Rights Movement

l++++ Please contribute $18 for the 2018 Campaign to Elect JoelSolkoff to Congress By PayPal please contribute $18 to [email protected] Home of Antaeus Mobility What a difference a year makes ++++           ++++ Defeat Rep. Tom Marino In September 2017, President Donald Trump nominated Marino to serve as the Director of … Continue reading Heather Smith is the heroine of the Libertarian Disability Rights Movement

Love letter 1973

Gayle was one of those beautiful women who said No after my proposing. As with the others, I was fortunate because Gayle lingered for a delicious while before making the negative apparent                   Beach adventure on the Pacific astonishingly similar to a Fellini beach scene   To … Continue reading Love letter 1973

Detail from my arrest last month

Work in progress +++++                 ++++ This is the cool prison next to the new prison. My prison.             ++++ ++++ Walls and bars do not a prison make   ++++                         … Continue reading Detail from my arrest last month

1973 Letter to my literary agent seeking her help to break a book contract on how Timothy Leary escaped from prison

Letter to Marie Rodell June 1973 ++++ Wikipedia Marie Freid Rodell (January 31, 1912 – November 9, 1975) was a literary agent and author who managed the publications of much of environmentalist Rachel Carson‘s writings, as well as the first book by civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr.. Rodell was born in New York City, and attended Vassar College (B.A. … Continue reading 1973 Letter to my literary agent seeking her help to break a book contract on how Timothy Leary escaped from prison

High-tech housing for the poor, disabled and elderly

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