Permission to publish sensitive information regarding my relationship with Timothy Leary



  1. I am the author and copyright owner of WHAT I REMEMBER ABOUT MY LIFE.


  1. You have requested permission to reproduce Chapter 19.A of this work, called THE LEARIAD: Leary in My Life, on your website.


  1. I consent to your reproducing this portion of my work, for this purpose and iteration only, provided:
    1. You reproduce only the specially prepared version I transmit herewith, which includes two minor redactions and omits the second half of the chapter (Chapter 19.B) and a supplementary appendix, and
    2. You accompany the reproduction with the following message exactly as written.

The following extract from What I Remember About My Life, by David F. Phillips (2010), is reproduced with the author’s permission. The entire work may be read on his website, under the heading Autobiography.

/s/ David F. Phillips

David F. Phillips

San Francisco

November 27, 2015





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