Premature good news: Woops

The question of whether the tumor in my belly is cancerous or not has not been resolved despite what seemed a clear resolution yesterday.

Yes, the Pathologist R. Patrick Dorion, at Geisinger Headquarters in Danville, PA, concluded the samples from my belly (“abdominal wall”) tumor were not cancerous.

Yesterday, the no-cancer-diagnosis seemed clear when read, re-reread and upon my repeated questioning meant: No cancer.

The brief report (or its summary) not intended to be disclosed to me yesterday, did not say more surgery is required.

Today, my physician provided an expert appraisal of Dr. Dorion’s conclusion. More intense surgery is required.

Despite scheduling problems, upon my insistence the surgery takes place next week.

I have an appointment for 2 pm Wednesday August 6th. Regulations require I bring an adult with me or else it will not take place.

More unpleasantness is in store. Whether I know anything definitive or even coming close to definitive by a week from today is unclear.

Please forgive my reassurance and optimism.


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Able at last to stop

And recall the days it took

To get them here, they sit on the porch in rockers

Letting the faded light

Of afternoon carry them off

–From ”Old People on the Nursing Home Porch” by Mark Strand


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