The Ten Commandments: West Wing, Hebrew, and English versions

The first commandment

West Wing Version

All praise to Aaron Sorkin.

Hebrew and English version from Deuteronomy

Deutoronomy Version of the First Commandments

Deuteronomy Version of the First Commandments

Hard sell on The Ten Commandments


Published on Dec 1, 2014

Still the Best Moral Code

Humanity has everything it needs to create a good world. We’ve had it for 3,000 years. It’s the Ten Commandments; ten basic, yet profound instructions for how to lead a moral life. If everyone followed the Ten Commandments, we would not need armies or police; marriages and families would be stronger; truth would be a paramount value. Dennis Prager explains how the Ten Commandments led to the creation of Western Civilization and why they remain relevant to your life today. This video course introduces a ten-part series.

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Exodus Version in English Set to Music



Hebrew Exodus Version Ten Commandments



My mother proffered to call me:

יואל עצרא

Honor my mother:





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