Velvet Underground: Heroin


Nico was my Goddess in my early Twenties



Lou Reed, John Cale And Nico – Le Bataclan ’72 Live (Full Album) 1972


Antonio Torres

Published on Apr 24, 2015
“I’m Waiting for the Man” “Berlin” “The Black Angel’s Death Song” (Reed, Cale) “Wild Child” “Heroin” “Ghost Story” (Cale) “The Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group of All” (Cale) “Empty Bottles” (Cale) “Femme Fatale” “No One Is There” (Nico) “Frozen Warnings” (Nico) “Janitor of Lunacy” (Nico) “I’ll Be Your Mirror” “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (encore) “Pale Blue Eyes” “Candy Says”


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