When President Trump resigns he needs a speech


Set and setting is everything. Clearly, a Donald Trump resignation speech should have the appearance of verisimilitude. The preparation assumes Judge Brett Kavanaugh will withdraw his name from Supreme Court consideration. Also, the House will go Democratic. Ergo, the new Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Gerry Nadler of New York, will begin impeachment proceedings in January 2019.

One week after Election Day,President Trump will resign. He will take a helicopter from the Oval Office to his Trump Tower suite. There, displaying his resignation letter to the Secretary of State, Trump will explain that the deep State has forced him to fight against corruption more effectively as a great businessman and deal maker.

Coordinating with the President, Putin will be broadcasting live from Moscow,

Trump will announce he is moving to Moscow where he will be building a Trump Tower. Trump will announce that he is moving to Russia so as to most effectively drain the DC swamp.

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Not sad. Happy


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For decades, I have been a speechwriter and a ghost

1. When President Trump resigns his Presidency on Tuesday, November 13th, the Donald needs to use words. I am well qualified to provide the words and do so “anonymously.”

2. My speeches have appeared in the industry Bible Vital Speeches. The Wall Street Journal paid me to write about my experiences as a corporate speechwriter.



3. I have written speeches for the Republican and Democratic chairmen of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

4. Site and setting is everything. When President Trump resigns the Presidency, he must do so from his office at Trump Tower.

5. The Trump resignation speech should insist that the Presidency is worthless. The deep state, corruption in the Justice Department, the re-emergence of swamp dwellers require an understanding that the power of a deal-making private citizen working outside of corrupt government.












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