The Saga of Trump’s Stinky Secretary of Interior Zinke Who Belong in the Klinky

In an early morning tweet on December 15, 2018, President Trump fired Secretary of Interior Ryan x who is under investigation for corruption. Shown here is Secretary Zinke riding the horse Tonto to work on his first day on the job. He was accompanied by DC park police as they trotted through rush hour traffic in our nation’s capital.







Tom Lehr’s song introduction is bizarrely relevant to President Trump’s firing [1] of Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke

“[A] few years ago, a motion picture version appeared
of Sophocles’ immortal tragedy “Oedipus Rex”. This picture played only in the so-called art theaters, and it was not a financial success.

“And I maintain that the reason it was
not a financial success… was
that it did not have a title tune which the people could hum, and which would make them actually eager to attend this particular flick.”


Song: Oedipus Rex Singer: Tom Lehrer From the 1959 Album: An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer


The Saga of  Trump’s Stinky Secretary of Interior Zinke Who Belongs in the Klinky

Dedicated to Kiran Stacey, the Financial Times 
reporter whose article “Donald Trump Announces Departure of Interior Secretary” inspired this song.

Zinke’s surely a schnook

‘Cause of the lolly he took

At Interior he was inferior

Drilling oil I the Alaska interior

Oh, Zinke rinky dinky schminky

Your ethics they are stinky


Bridge:    Slinky Interior Sec Zinke

Your soul’s controlled by Halliburton’s pinky


Once a Congressman from Montana

His cowboy Aires no winna

At despoiling our parks no beginna

Lobbying pals made him a sinna

No winna

The sinna

The Interior Sec Zinke

His ethics they are stinky


The Prez’s tweet made you incomplete

Oh Whitefish Boy Zinke

Slinky Zinke

Even your horse thinks you stinky


An environmental polluter today

Please take dinky Zinke away

Who road  horse Tonto—a dear

In traffic that took forever to clear

Intent on causing great fear

Filthy air would our lungs sear

A Whiefish “alleged” crook

To create Interior Donnybrook

Oh please take that Zinke away

A disgrace at Interior today.

— Joel Solkoff, Aged Bard for DC Cabinet-level reporters