My mother Dr. Miriam P. Schmerler

  Eulogy for my mother Dr. Miriam P. Schmerler Monday, September 6, 2010, State College, PA “People do not wish to learn about how to deal with death until they are confronted by death, and when they are confronted with death they are not inclined to study how religion approaches it,” writes Maurice Lamm in […]

On chanting Isaiah 61:10 to 63:9


Rose Mallinger, 97, was the eldest of the 11 members of Pittsburgh’s Conservative congregation killed in the worst anti-Semitic attack in US history

“I’ve known Rose a long time and it was always going to be that she was so vibrant and bright and sharp-witted that she would live past 100,” said Organist. “You knew something was going to take her eventually, but it wasn’t going to be gun violence.”

Disability and Elderly Issues

Ten Years of Thank You’s

After spending over ten years writing a book [“How’s the book coming, Joel” ringing in my ears], I thanked everyone. The Acknowledgements are the best part of the book. Here are the first two paragraphs. The rest await your pleasure. For a certain kind of help that cannot be expressed, I thank my wife Diana […]

Indicted for rioting at Columbia University in the 1968 Demonstrations that “Rocked the World“

Screen shot of a documentary on Columbia. Shown in this photograph is the entrance student demonstrators such as I employed to enter the office of the President of Columbia University. For a lovely spring WEEK, thanks to our demonstrating against President Grayson Kirk the President of Columbia University could not enter his office up the […]

My younger child Amelia, English teacher living in Spain (and amateur roller derby star) is engaged to be married

January 17, 2017 is an appropriate date to announce the engagement of Amelia Altalena Solkoff to Javier Blanco. The date marks the 1925 birthday of Amelia’s late paternal grandmother Miriam Pell Schmerler zt”l who was close to Amelia and her sister Joanna. Amelia teaches English in Pontevedra, Spain (on the Portuguese border) where she is also an enthusiastic […]

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 Thanksgiving Proclamation

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 proclamation declaring Thanksgiving a national holiday. By the President of the United States of America A ProclamationI, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, do set aside and appoint Thursday, the thirtieth day of November, 1933, to be a Day of Thanksgiving for all our people. May […]

Preparing for Guatemalia Bar Mitzvah, Simon Kreindler lived with my mother and me in 1952

Editor’s note: When I was 6, my mother Miriam invited 12-year-old Simon Kreindler to live with us at the request of his father. The year was 1952 when Simon arrived at our small apartment in Miami Beach, Florida after flying from his home in Barbados  While Simon lived with us, my mother helped prepare him for […]