August 7th Update: Snags on the road to getting well

In one paragraph : I am lying on a hospital bed for what seems like a relatively minor problem. Last week I returned from a joint expeditionary force to New York and New Jersey. The most encouraging development was meeting with Dr. Christopher J. Winfree. Dr. Winfree is a surgeon at Columbia Medical Center who specializes in inserting a spinal stimulator helpful for reducing the considerable back pain I have been experiencing with dramatic effect since October. On my return to State College, where I finally mastered confidence to drive using hand controls exclusively, I stopped at a rest stop, got out of the car to stretch (as I usually do) and the unusual happened. My left ankle collapsed under my weight, my body fell on the ankle fracturing it. Currently wearing an immobilizing boot, I stare out at the lovely hospital view (where once lions tread) and wait for a bed at Health South where (to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie), I will be able to answer affirmatively, Yes I have been rehabilitated.


1. The Adventure will resume.

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3. My ebullience would be restored if someone reads to me Scoop by Evelyn Waugh.

4. My work involves housing and communities for low income elderly and disabled–housing in multigenerational buildings in multigenerational neighborhoods where Mozart, George Strait, art, and spiritually worthy training and work is available to all.