Crippling on-going pain: Help me ‘get back on my feet’ (so to speak)


[Note: I asked Uncle Hadley to check out this Pay Pal donation button to make sure you are able to invest in my body. Right now, the investment cost is $2,000. The money will go to a trip to New York City Sloan Memorial Cancer Center. There I will spend a week talking to Dr. Paul Russo, who operated on me in August 2013 removing a huge tumor around my right kidney. Through skill (not bedside manner; he is an awkward sweetheart who means well but invariably says the wrong thing) he managed to save my life and surprisingly save my kidney, too.

[The kidney cancer he did not remove consists of a small (2 centimeters) cancerous tumor (it glows in the dark [or something like that] after dye is injected and I am sent on a conveyor belt under the $25 million CAT scan while the technician flees from the room.

In January, Dr. Jennifer Simmons [who saved my life by diagnosing the cancer and sending me in a rush to New York because no sufficiently sophisticated surgeon in State College or even the entire Commonwealth of PA would do] found another 2 centimeter glow in the dark tumor at the base of my left lung.]

” Both donation buttons open a PayPal home page which is full of four or five ads for PayPal. Only careful readers will notice the tiny line at the top which allows moving to an actual pay screen.” Uncle Hadley wrote.

If Uncle Hadley could navigate to “the tiny line at the top of the screen, so can you. Uncle Hadley invested $500 to restore my body to pain-free health. Uncle Hadley is a nice guy.

Be a nice guy too. IĀ  require now only [only] $1,500 more dollars. During my week at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center I look forward to an operation that will insert a device. The device would beam radio waves to the nerves of my broken spine. Apparently, sending Mozart toĀ  my nerves is more soothing to my nerves than Oxycodone, which does not work as well, is addictive, and makes my gastrointestinal system ache.

Since Hadley and I share the same excellent webmaster, she may have fixed thing already. If you find it simpler to donate money to relieve my pain and do more scans for Hodgkin’s disease–my lymph nodes are swollen–please donate extra money for the convenience. Thank you.

Spinal pain and other cancer recovery priorities

PainĀ woke me suddenly today after Ā three hours of sleep.

No longer can I say: “I wake up in the morning.”

Morning and night are the same to me.

These days I stay up until 4 A.M.

Sometimes over the course of the afternoons and odd hours, I am able to sleep for three hours.

I was awakened from a deep sleep by a wave of pain so intense, I carefully transferred from bed to floor. Then I rolledĀ around on the floor in a ball in pain. Ā Knotted in pain.

I make it a habit to make sure I sleep. I don’t want to sleep. I do Ā not want to do anything. Then I am eventually able to sleep for three hours until the pain wakes me up.


As soon as I wake up, regardless of the pain, for a moment I smile:Ā  I am 19 again in Columbia’s 1968 demonstrations against the War in Vietnam.



These past memories appear in a flash untilĀ I cannot ignore the pain . With the pain comes the recognition that my body is 67 years old.

Master Plan coming soon, including:

  • Request for high-tech radio inserts to stop pain rather than medication,
  • Assistance with physical rehabilitation costs with Allison J. Spence
  • Dealing with the issues involved in having survived Ā having three cancers in a lifetime.
  • “You look better than your chart,” Dr. Jennifer Simmons told me in April 2013.
  • More health details will have to wait until I see Dr. SapanaĀ Manila, my primary care physician today March 15th at 3 PM at Geisinger Health Systems Scenery Park facility
  • After Dr. ManilaĀ interprets the results of my CAT scans, I will be able to formulate A PLAN.
  • I am especially concerned aboutĀ “L3-L4: Anterolisthesis results in uncovering of the disc. Bilateral facet arthropathy. Moderate to severeĀ bilateral neural foraminal compromise. Moderate spinal stenosis.”
  • The raw CAT scans report on the $25 million machine’s appears at the end of this posting.
  • If any of you can read it and tell me what it means that would help.



This morning’s painful wake-up clearly meant I would remain awake for quite some time.

Suddenly, the intensity of that pain became anĀ 8 on the standard pain scale. 10 means the pain is so intense you call 911.

The incidents leave layers of pain in my feet, I haveĀ Ā constant neck pain.

These knotted pain incidentsĀ last an excruciating 15 minutes.


Priority one: Complete the Report for the Pennsylvania Housing Research Center entitled:

Converting a residence into a more comfortable living space for individuals who haveĀ mobility difficulties



Regardless of age, there is a housing crisis for individuals with mobility disabilities. This crisis also includes elderly residents of existing housing desirous of continuing to live independently (popularly referred to as ā€œaging in placeā€) who are concerned about the likelihood of developing a mobility disability.

Dr. Stanley K. Smith, Professor of Economics and Director of the Bureau of Economic and Business Research at the University of Florida, writes: ā€œA survey of Americans aged 45 and older found that nearly one-fourth of the respondents thought it likely that they or someone in their household would have difficulty getting around in their homes within the next five years.ā€

The nature of the current housing crisis from a disability perspective is four-fold.

  1. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Census estimated there were 35 million Americans aged 65 and older.
  2. Since 2010, the first members of the largest generation in U.S. histories have begun to retireā€”the ā€œBaby Boomersā€ born after World War IIā€”and there are 76 million of them. They are currently retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day for the next twenty years.
  3. Over 90 percent of U.S. housing stock is not wheel chair accessible making independent living especially difficult for the nine percent of the American people currently with mobility disabilities and the considerable increase in mobility disabilities expected as the population ages.
  4. Current independent living housing stock has already been limited even before the Baby Boomers began retirement. The alternative to independent living; namely, currently overpopulated assistive living in, for the most part nursing homes, results in considerably higher health care costs and limits the ability of residents to develop their talents


Converting a residence into a more comfortable living space for individuals who have difficulty walking






Obtain work so I can earn money myself to pay for dental bills and traveling to my second and final child’s Amelia’s wedding in August 2016.


Ā Ā ++++

Geisinger Health System

Ā Examination ResultsĀ 03/06/2015 3:19 PM


03/11/2015 12:37 PM

right partial nx for rcc, left renal mass. LEFT LUNG NODULE. HX OF KIDNEY CANCER. Low back pain – 2 months
radiating to leg and numbness.

CT lumbar spine:

There are 5 non-rib-bearing lumbar type vertebral bodies. There is grade 1 anterolisthesis of L3 on L4.
However, although there is no pars defect at the L3-L4 level, the patient does have chronic pars defects at
L5. There is minor anterolisthesis of L5 on S1. Schmorl’s nodes can be see invading the inferior endplate of
L3 and superior endplate of L4. No acute compression fracture is seen. No suspicious osseous lesion is

Evaluation of the paraspinal soft tissues reveals previously described renal abnormalities (see above).
Patient also has enlarged bilateral pelvic sidewall lymph nodes measuring 17 x 11 mm each. Several
subcentimeter lymph nodes are identified along the external iliac chains bilaterally.

Level by level interrogation for spondylitic change:

T12-L1: Negative.

L1-L2: Negative.

L2-L3: Minor annular bulge eccentric to the left. Moderate left-sided neural foraminal compromise. Sparing of
the right. No significant spinal stenosis.

L3-L4: Anterolisthesis results in uncovering of the disc. Bilateral facet arthropathy. Moderate to severe
bilateral neural foraminal compromise. Moderate spinal stenosis.

L4-5: Broad-based herniation. Bilateral facet arthropathy. Moderate to severe bilateral neural foraminal
compromise. Mild spinal stenosis.

L5-S1: Chronic bilateral pars defects. Minimal anterolisthesis and uncovering of the disc. Mild bilateral
neural foraminal compromise. No significant spinal stenosis.

1. Worsening left axillary lymphadenopathy. Indeterminate lymph node enlargement identified in the
retroperitoneal space in the pelvis. Consider further evaluation with PET-CT to assess for metabolic activity.
2. Stable appearance to heterogeneous mass in left kidney worrisome for renal cell carcinoma. Stable
postoperative appearance to right kidney.
3. Development of 2 indeterminate small pleural-based nodules in the base of the right lung. These are too
small for spatial resolution by PET. Consider followup with serial chest CT
4. Multilevel degenerative change in the lumbar spine. The worst affected level is L3-L4. Chronic pars defect
identified at L5.

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Daily medical reports limited to one paragraph (not as long as the first one posted which is too long)

Monday March 6th i: I met with Dr. SepanaĀ Minali my Primary Care Physician at Geisinger’s excellent health care system . Dr. MinaliĀ agreed my first priority is pain reduction. I have an appointment for a pain specialist for injections and consideration of new high-tech developments such as implants that send radio signals which soothes the pain. That would mean I could stop taking pain medication. I do not like taking pain medication. Coming soon Rehabilitation Therapy with Alicia J. Spence at Phoenix Rehabilitation. Medicare regulations will be the target of my lucid work Ā moments discussing why Marilyn Tavener, through no fault of her own, Ā is doing a terrible job running Medicare Ā making access to rehabilitation therapy DIFFICULT. That is stupid.


They used to tell me I was building a dream
With peace and glory ahead
Why should I be standing in line
Just waiting for bread?
Once I built a railroad, I made it run
Made it race against time
Once I built a railroad, now it's done
Brother, can you spare a dime?


“I was a young troubador
When I rodeĀ in on a song.
And I’ll be an old troubador when I’m gone…
I’ll be an old troubador when I’m gone”