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On the edge of despair Part I

Webster’s defines the verb DESPAIR as “to no longer have any hope or belief that a situation will improve or change.” This definition accurately states my fears.

I am afraid I will be unable to:

  • continue living an independent life
  • report and advocate for the disabled and elderly to live productive lives
  • avoid living in a nursing home or an assistive living facility isolating me from society, creativity, music, and art

I am a 68 year old-paraplegic who has survived cancer three times. If I live well, receive the medical attention I require, exercise daily, sleep regularly, I could live another 30 years, I could use my talents, develop new ones, and contribute cheerfully rather than feel myself to be dependent.

There are so many reasons for me to enjoy my life. I am a grandfather, a father, a human being. Sadly, I am overwhelmed with difficulties I do not know how to solve.




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Paralysis is understandable, but embarrassment is an unnecessary burden. You have plenty to worry about, but nothing to be ashamed of. Toss that over the side — it will make things easier.

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