Home following surgery

Dr. Imran Sidddiqui successfully removed my small tumor in his large operating theater surrounded by four nurses.

The pain was minimal after the local was administered. Getting pain relief sometimes seemed more painful that the reflief. Finally, he poured so much into me that I will be numb until next Tuesday.

It took ten minutes maybe 15.

Getting the necessary surgery involved over two solid days of work on my part.

The surgery would not have taken place without an adult. My friend Sally Kolesar is an adult and had a driver’s license to prove it.

It was an all day event. Sally, my scooter, and I boarded CATA Ride’s para transit bus at 10:15 AM. We arrived from Downtown to Gusinger’s Grey’s woods facility in time for preliminary tests and were at the operating room basement center by 11:30 as requested.

I was shown to my room, undressed, put on a hospital gown, failed the first attempt to insert an IV. Sally was excluded to the waiting area. The surgeon was three hours late. I slept.

My Joanna recommended a strategy for dealing with pain afterward. I communicated it to Dr. Siddiquie prescribed what Joanna recommended.

He also arranged for Medicare paid home nursing for tomorrow and Friday.

The CATA bus returned Sally, my scooter, and me to Downtown State College at 5 pm.

After the pathologist in Danville, the capital of the Geisinger Kingdom looks at the prepared slides from my tumor, he will decide whether or not I have cancer.

I will find out by the end of the day Monday.

Good night and good luck.



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