You are invited to celebrate my 70th birthday here in segregated State College, PA

For reasons that defy understanding (albeit explained in the Footnote section*) twenty-seven years after the passage of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Cafe Verve (in violation of the intent of the law) was given an operating license to open to the public even though it is not wheel chair accessible.





Crawl* with me to celebrate my 70th birthday [Biblical three score years and ten]


I celebrated my 69th and 68th birthday in the hospital. For my 70th birthday, I plan to celebrate at Cafe Verve, a vegetarian restaurant at 115 East Beaver Avenue, State College, PA.

Each of my daugers is a vegetarian. Cafe Verve would be an ideal place to celebrate. The restaurant opened last year. Under the requirements of the federal Americans with Disability Act of 1990, the Borough of State College had to abide by ADA requirements for access in issuing an operating license for Cafe Verve.

As a consequence of the $40,000 the prorprietors spent on renovation, the proprietrors were required to spend $4,000 on disability-friendly accommodations. The proprietors spent double that amount for which, no doubt, they received a tax brreak.

However, they spent none of the money making the entrance accessible for those of us in wheel chairs. If by some Kafka-esque notion of reality, I were able to drive my mobility device into the restaurant, I would have a wheel chair accessible bathroom.

On October 12th, as a consequence of the failure of Code Administrator Walter Schneider’s failure to do his job and the failure of the members of the Borugh Council of State College to do theirs, I will be obliged to crawl into the restaurant to celebrate my 70th birthday.

Be there or be square. While you are considering my wishes, consider: women are dying unnceccarily at childbirth because they are not receiving the health care Planned Parenthood provides. We need to consider the lives of the women who bear our future children. Please donate in my honor.

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  1. Happy 70th Birthday Joel! You are my agitating hero once again. I’ll bet the wc accessible restroom is fabulous. Hope you have a wonderful time!!

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