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My 1981 engagement plus shopping for a ring in NYC [work in progress]

In media res
If you have not failed at Latin as I have perhaps the few words that remain bubbling up from 1967 meaning “in the middle do not reverberate for you as they do for me. All great epics:begin in the middle; e.g. the Iliad, the Aeneid, and my engagement to Diana Marie Bass ( who later became the mother of my children has a middle. Namely, months earlier I proposed, then I had an impressive sounding gig which paid oodles and before it fizzled, I was able when she said Yes to pay for an elaborate pub crawl where going to Tiffany’s , saying feh and going to a Swiss jewelry store across the Avenue —Fifth Avenue— figures in the middle of the trilogy begging with 1. Meeting her 2. Courting her and 3. ( this is three) getting engaged to her prior to marrying her and living happily ( yes for a long while) and then not making it until death do us part.Alas.

The beginning of the third trilogy was popping the question

Diana and I were living together in sin at the first of my three apartments at 630 East Capitol Street, Washington DC where love and unemployment were in the air. We had met when I appeared to be a hot shot, but wasn’t, a political appointee unanimously confirmed by the Senate forced to write a speech for my boss who did not want to deliver it on a Friday night in New Orleans where he very much did not want to be.

Here is how Imsummed it up two years ago: Recalling the event now shakily 41 years in the past:

I met the future mother of my children as a consequence of writing a speech on the Multi Fiber Arrangement for the importation of textiles and apparel. Known familiarly as the MFA or the Arrangement.

The exigencies of the speech caused the lovely Diana to emerge from her non-carpeted office on the sixth floor to the exclusive custom-wood paneled corridor at the suite of the Office of the Secretary of Labor. There, my secretary announced then escorted her to my office where she sat at the custom-made tweed sofa.

I had summoned Diana indirectly because when I called Irving Kramer, her boss who was not there, she recognized appropriately that a call from the Under Secretary’s Office required instant response if I thought it necessary and I did. Her overt purpose there on my couch gazing at the original landscapes on loan from the Smithsonian was to teach me enough international economics to satisfy (or at least make a pretense of satisfying) my boss’ desire to deliver an upbeat speech.


1.Why God * created footnotes. God created footnotes in the hope that I could get to the point and not become distracted as I invariably do.