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In praise of the Centre County Transportation Authority (CATA)

Here is the home page for our bus company.



Our bus company here in State College PA. is the excellent Centre County Transit Authority (CATA).

The above I  published on You Tube the week after spinal surgery in New York City now 4 months ago.

Here is the About section

I had a major billing problem that threatened my finances. During my stay in NYC I required dependable Internet access. I was organizing the wording on my mother’s tombstone. Have you ever written the words for your mother’s epitaph to be set in stone?  It is a very tense experience. published with the video

Confucius’s book on how to be a good parent helped a lot. I am a fan of Confucius.

My role as the Pariarch of the family is based on Confucius. Recovering from spinal surgery in The Bronx I worked on the wording involving extensive wide band usage in The Bronx [where I was born] which is the Dark Ages when it comes to the Internet] and where the situation required my going in person to the Verizon office.

Doing so contributed significantly to my being  able to May the rent. — the rent on which I was overdue and consequently fined.

$1500. was due from Verizon instantaneously. The money was automatically deducted from my Social Security check of  $1,788 check automatically deposited. Verizon got paid causing the $900 check to the landlord to bounce,

To fix the situation required my going to the Verizon in person to fix the situation. This video of Catabus shows you how this excellent Paratransit service works. Catabus literally is my lifeline.




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