Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro, a Day of Madness,” Cherubino overture on the delight of love

Cherubino is a valet to the evil Count.

The Count is trying to assert his “right” to sleep with the bride before her wedding day.

First there is a scene in which the groom is evaluating the bed on which he will deflower his bride.


“Cherubino arrives…describing his emerging infatuation with all women, particularly with his “beautiful godmother” the Countess (aria: Non so più cosa son – “I don’t know anymore what I am”), asks for Susanna’s aid with the Count.

Wikipedia continues: “It seems the Count is angry with Cherubino’s amorous ways, having discovered him with the gardener’s daughter, Barbarina, and plans to punish him.

“Cherubino wants Susanna to ask the Countess to intercede on his behalf. ”


Here is the English version of the aria , courtesy of You Tube:

You who know what love is,
Ladies, see if I have it in my heart.

I’ll tell you what I’m feeling,
It’s new for me, and I understand nothing.

I have a feeling, full of desire,
Which is by turns delightful and miserable.

I freeze and then feel my soul go up in flames,
Then in a moment I turn to ice.

I’m searching for affection outside of myself,
I don’t know how to hold it, nor even what it is!

I sigh and lament without wanting to,
I twitter and tremble without knowing why,
I find peace neither night nor day,
But still I rather enjoy languishing this way.

You who know what love is,
Ladies, see if I have it in my heart.

Here is the aria performed by Glyndebourne Festival Opera 1973. Frederica von Stade sings the role of Cherubino.

Here is the first page of the aria Mozart wrote scoring it for voices and instruments.


The manuscript is part of the collection of the Morgan Museum and Library in New York City and is produced here by permission.

I saw this manuscript the day before I saw a surgeon for kidney cancer. Seeing Mozart’s original manuscript made me happy.

–Joel Solkoff


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