Hollywood Turkish Bath in State College

Getting you in the mood for Juliet Mae Television Productions new series: “Hollywood Turkish Bath in State College”


This is not the 1920s Era photograph I had in mind showing six screen writers in Hollywood
Turkish Bath.











Dynasty 1981 to 1989: The Heart of the Matter

Joan Collins Saves the Day

Toward the end of the 1980/1981 first season, Dynasty’s adult soap opera was in trouble.  As the night follows the day, cancellation seemed inevitable. Then, at the end of Denver oil magnate Blake Carrington’s trial for murder, Blake’s long lost first wife Alexis ( Joan Collins) shasheys to the front of the courtroom as the prosecution calls on her to testify as to Blake’s culpability.

Still not yet visible, when her name is called, it is as if a tiger ran through the courtroom. Fallon, her only daughter gasps. As Fallon covers her mouth, one can distinctly hear her exclaim, “It’s Mother,” despite the sound of 102 violins, bassoons, oboes become louder and louder.

Joan Collins made the world safe for a newer, younger version of Dynasty’s two bad girls ( e.g. women of easy virtue who use sex to get what they want) twenty-year old Heather Locklear.. Chewing gum and wearing what appears to be even fewer cloths than she is wearing, she seduces Steven into abandoning homosexuality.