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“Ain’t Nobody’s Business But My Own”–Health update with Taj Mahal, Physical Therapy & The Pennsylvania Housing Research Center

“Man I don’t care what in the world that you do
As long as you do what you say you going to”

Today is Sunday August 30, 2015. How it got to be 1 PM I do not know.

  1. I do know that this ambitious posting will be under construction for a while. Consider the host of categories above which includes everything from Health Crisis to the Department of Architectural Engineering at Penn State to Joy of Motion.
  2. Why I begin this full disclosure  [see footnote (1)] account with a lie: “Ain’t Nobody’s Business But My Own” can and cannot be explained.
  3.  Here the overriding intent is to disclosure my plan for the future which I grandiosely refer to as “my life’s work.”

This posting is under construction. Put on your hardhat and exercise caution.
This posting is under construction. Put on your hardhat and exercise caution.













August 7th Update: Snags on the road to getting well

In one paragraph : I am lying on a hospital bed for what seems like a relatively minor problem. Last week I returned from a joint expeditionary force to New York and New Jersey. The most encouraging development was meeting with Dr. Christopher J. Winfree. Dr. Winfree is a surgeon at Columbia Medical Center who specializes in inserting a spinal stimulator helpful for reducing the considerable back pain I have been experiencing with dramatic effect since October. On my return to State College, where I finally mastered confidence to drive using hand controls exclusively, I stopped at a rest stop, got out of the car to stretch (as I usually do) and the unusual happened. My left ankle collapsed under my weight, my body fell on the ankle fracturing it. Currently wearing an immobilizing boot, I stare out at the lovely hospital view (where once lions tread) and wait for a bed at Health South where (to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie), I will be able to answer affirmatively, Yes I have been rehabilitated.


1. The Adventure will resume.

.2. Donations would be appreciated. PayPal [email protected]

3. My ebullience would be restored if someone reads to me Scoop by Evelyn Waugh.

4. My work involves housing and communities for low income elderly and disabled–housing in multigenerational buildings in multigenerational neighborhoods where Mozart, George Strait, art, and spiritually worthy training and work is available to all.





Critical help requested: 4 days before I drive to Newark: A plan to reduce pain, monitor my cancer, and walk again

I have 4 days before driving to Newark, New Jersey, largest city in the 11th largest state in the Union

Newark is a subway ride away from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. At Sloan Kettering, I have the opportunity to:

Arrange for surgical insertion of a spinal stimulator, which together with daily exercise (a term I replace in my mind with DANCE), will make it possible to replace my daily pain level of 7 or 8 with a level of 4 to 5.


Or, you can log on to your PayPal account and kindly enter my PayPal email address: [email protected]
++++The commonly used pain scale is 1 to 10. Ten  means you are in so much pain you call 911 as I did last month and the  ambulance took me to the Emergency Room . I can manage a pain level of 4 or 5. Required is that I be close to my surgeon so he can make necessary adjustments.

Between now and the time I get into the rental car with hand controls on Thursday July 23rd , I must raise $500 to make my Newark trip a success.

The reason I am displaying the donation button so conspicuously is because success on the week-long trip to Newark [where I seek to establish permanent residence] is an essential First Step for my plan to reduce pain so I do not have to take Oxycodone, a dreadful drug, to stop from rolling on the floor in agony [literally].



  1. Maimonides says the highest form of tzedakah [translated  charity; the spirit of the Hebrew term is not demeaning],  is to give a gift, loan, or partnership that will result in the recipient supporting himself instead of living upon others.
  2. With access to state-of-the art medical care, I can reduce crippling pain to manageable proportion, I can be a part of an emerging new medical discipline monitoring decades-long cancer survivors. The radiation treatment [on relatively primative equipment by today’s standards] that prevented me from dying before I was 30 years old had severe consequences. I cannot walk. The radiation treatment also led to the deterioration of the spine causing my six month-long effort to live with extreme pain. The effects of radiation are responsible for my having developed kidney cancer. Because of the quality of the imaging and the skill of my world class surgeon, the malignant tumor surrounding my right kidney was removed in tact. That means I will die of something else other than kidney cancer. The damage done by radiation treatment over twenty years ago poses potential threats to my health.  Being regularly monitored by the best cancer experts means I may be able to avoid further damage that would impair my productivity (not to mention threaten my life). Especially encouraging is the development of recently created medical device that might make it possible for me to walk again.
  3. For me access to more sophisticated medical care currently unobtainable in State College, will make it possible for me to honor Maimonides‘ unstated conclusion that as a recipient, I must be conscious of my obligations when I become able to care for myself.
  4. I must then care for others.
  5. Becoming independent of my afflictions means I can return more productively to my life’s work: creating generational-integrated housing and communities for low- and middle-income elderly and disabled men and women.
  6. Becoming independent means that I say goodbye to State College, PA where I have lived happily for 10 years. As I discussed with Mayor Elizabeth Goreham, I plan to submit to Town Manage Ed LeClair a Patrick Geddes-style study on Sate College and its future.
  7. Becoming independent means I complete the nearly-finished study for the Pennsylvania Housing Research Center on how to renovate existing housing for mobility disabled adults so they can live independently.
  8. Becoming independent will make for my promising business partnership with Amigo Mobility and Gem Wheelchairs and Scooters so I can earn money while working on projects to help the disabled.

For now: –30–