Yair Lapid, architect of the new Israeli government

On Sunday June 11th the new government of Israel which Yair Lapid crafted will dispose of Benjamin Nitanyahu, Israel’s longest serving prime minister known as the magician for his ability to form working majorities in the Kenesset. Now Lapid has become Israel’s magician. Perhaps, quite relevant is that the media ( e.g. NBC and PBS ) have reported President Biden and Lapid know each other well and are united in their hatred of Bibi.

Israel’s new President elect Issac Herzog hates Netanyahu well having run against him the the cacophonous political sphere. While Herzog’s tenure as President, which begins in July, to a largely ceremonial office, Herzog will be acquiring the power to hurt Netanyahu greatly. The President of Israel has the power to pardon. Soon and finally, Bibi will be convicted of bribery as deserves to happen. The big question: Will Herzog pardon Bibi or will he delight in making sure he goes to prison.

Back to Lapid, leader of one of Israel’s instant political parties, the English translation of the Lapid party is Yes There is a Future Party.


Yair Rosenberg of Yair’s Newsletter wrote:

Who is Yair Lapid?

I’ve interviewed Lapid multiple times, in part because I hope that if he’s in the news enough, people will finally learn how to pronounce my name, and in part because I’ve long thought he’s been perennially overlooked by a media in search of more incendiary Israel storylines. For nearly a decade, prognosticators have predicted the demise of Lapid’s centrist Yesh Atid party, and for nearly a decade, Lapid has outperformed many politicians who get many more headlines.

A former journalist and TV presenter, Lapid created Yesh Atid as a third-way party between Israel’s traditional left and right. It’s important to understand that this project was not about averaging both sides and picking a moderate middle point. Instead, Yesh Atid was more about adopting different compelling aspects from the right and left to create a new synthesis that Lapid believed better represented the Israeli mainstream. The goal was to include more voices, rather than exclude.


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