What is the meaning of this?

My webmaster explained I can create a Featured Post simply by clicking on the category box “Featured Post.” She said, “I am sorry I cannot make it more complicated.” Indeed, she should be.


Simple is not my style as anyone who knows me can verify. The eternal question, Why do I want to feature anything? is rhetorical. There comes a time, comparing the quixotic nature of the post samples on the right side of the site when it becomes clear that it is time for me to come to the point.

There are four points:

1. I had dental surgery today for an hour and a half today on these teeth.


2. I need your help in paying my dentist.

Please click on the donation button to contribute toward saving my teeth.

3. Why should you help me pay my dentist?

a. Because I am in pain and if I cannot pay the dentist I will continue to be in pain.

b. Because there is a social contract that says: If you help me, I will help you. Or, if you prefer, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

4. How will you benefit if I am no longer in pain?

a. I will add to my list of life objectives Advocacy of the right to be free of dental pain.

b. My other professional life objectives include:

–Safe affordable housing for individuals who are elderly or physically disabled.

–Recognition that current brain research indicates we do not have to become senile as we age; we can become more productive, more vital, more valuable to ourselves and others.

–An understanding that as Baby Boomers, members of the largest population in the history of the United States and indeed the world, we will have to work and have important work to do far past the recognized retirement age.

–A belief in the power of art, music, and the forces of the spirit to give meaning to our lives and advocacy to make that meaning achievable.

–Integrating physical movement into our daily lives.


–A firm desire to be whimsical at a moment’s notice.


Above is a photograph of a pile of papers on my kitchen table. These papers have not yet arrived at my overflowing in-box. Wouldn’t it be preferable if I could stop this site from looking like my kitchen table.


News on virtual reality, disability rights, country music, Mozart, the rodeo, Baudelaire writing about the importance of being drunk all the time

were all in one well-organized place where you could find what you are looking for. A surprise now and then is fun. A surprise all the time is chaos.

–Joel Solkoff

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Edward SteichenAdvertisement for Coty Lipstick, 1935. Gelatin silver print, 9 15/16 × 7 15/16in. (25.2 × 20.2 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art; gift of Richard and Jackie Hollander in memory of Ellyn Hollander  2012.205  On view
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