2 thoughts on “Rabbis”

  1. There are many views on this. According to one halachic opinion, anyone who teaches you anything should from that time for forward be addressed as rabbi, mori (my teacher). The Torah says that Jews are supposed to be a kingdom of priests. that means everyone is supposed to know the score. So the idea that Jews “need” a rabbi in this century (as if we are wiser than the Jews of the Rambam’s time, when they “really needed” a rabbi is perhaps not the best way to frame the question. But the question of whether we need or have ever “needed” to follow anyone else interpretation of God’s absolute will in a particular situation is another matter. Just my two cents.

  2. I think there is a typo in this post — the t has been left out of the word rabbits. But to answer the main question, Jews do need rabbits to understand G-d’s law, which is why G-d has forbidden the Jews to eat them.

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