Disability and Elderly Issues

Grandfather (that’s me) relocating to NYC to save my life at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


It is New Year’s Eve. I am now a resident in room 822B of the Queens NewYork Regal Heights Nursing Home and Physical Rehab Center. I am freaking out a bit. Writing about architeture.

Meanwhile, in the bed next to me is a 90 year old man who cannot speak.The good news is I will not die of the coronavirus in rural Williamsport The last time I checked on October 20th my primary care physician had not been tested. The good news is that I have escaped whqt is now a major hot spot and am in NYC.Despite the lingerng remembrance of New York City as the most dangerous spot in the US, there are now empty hospital beds here.

Physicians and hospital aides who are gloved, masked, and sheilded beyond recognition are tested daly. In the two weeks I have been here, I have received 6 Copid tests all negative. One due tomorrow. Next week there is a good chance I will receive the vaccine. Pfizzer. I need money to be safe. Please send $18 or more.Right now, I am awaiting surgery to remove a tumor over my left kidney at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The odds are decent that when Dr. Russo removes it the tumor will be benign.Eight years ago, Dr. Russo removed a cancerous tumor over my right kidney and put my kidney back together. Better be safe than sorry.My fourth grandchld is due at the end of March. Apparently (who knew?) I am the kind of guy who will go to great lengths