A Speechwriter’s Perspective on Melania Trump’s Plagiarism


Questions Over Melania Trump’s Speech Set Off Finger-Pointing


Mrs. Trump enjoys higher popularity ratings than her husband, but she has been accused of plagiarism before. In 2016, a large part of a speech she delivered at the Republican convention appeared to be taken from remarks Michelle Obama, her immediate predecessor, delivered in 2008. On Monday, observers also noted that Mrs. Obama had delivered remarks in 2016 urging men to “be better.”

–The New York Times, by Katie Rogers, 




Fifteen minutes and 44 seconds into her 17 minutes speech, her plaguirism becomes loudly apparent.



Our Current First Lady stole from this speech by her predecessor.


Stephen Colbert uses an excellent actress to make fun of Melania


I have written speeches for the Democratic and Republican chairs of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

++++ Aaron Sorkin’s “West Wing” brilliantly provides what it is like to write speeches in the White House. I never wrote a White House speech. I did write for the Wall Street Journal Magazine an article on the subject.

melaniaBack to Melania Trump’s failure to take responsibility for the speech she delivered. Apparently, Mrs. Trump has never read Emerson’s essay on self-reliance.


My speechwriting credentials

For a speechwriter and ghost, which is how I paid the rent and then the mortgage, being published anonymously in Vital Speeches is a high and bankable honor. Here is the speech which demonstrates how high level public officials can explain away the mistakes of the president who appointed them.



Hardball’s Chris Mathews incorrectly asserts Mrs. Trump’s speechwriter should be fired

The speaker should be fired.


Melania Trump’s Speech Appears to Be Plagiarized 4:13″

 Donald Trump’s wives

1. Ivana Trump




2. Marla Maples















Naked pictures of Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump revealed by New York Post go viral on internet








3. Melania Trump


Meanwhile, I have to go to physical therapy at HealthSouth







Portraits of the First Ladies during my 70 years

  1. Bessie Truman








2. Mamie Eisenhower


3. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy










4. Lady  Bird Johnson

A Life: The Story of Lady Bird Johnson – by Four-Time Academy Award ® Winner







5. Pat Nixon

The future First Lady of the United States had a childhood with no luxuries
exc~pt that of a warm and loving family. But this was shattered when her
mother died in 192.5. At the age of 13, Mrs. Nixon took over the household
duties for her father and her brothers. Two years later, when she was
attending Excelsior High School, her father became seriously ill and she
cared for him, as she had her mother, until his death in 1930. She was then
18, a high school graduate and completely on her own.
Her first ambition was a college education.














6. Betty Ford

Amy Davidson Sorkin
Betty Ford’s Dance










Until the next Trump extended family plagiarism


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Meanwhile Update
Betsy DeVos appears to have plagiarized quotes for Senate questionnaire. See: