Secretary Perdue: Prepare your grandchildren to debate my granddaughter


The hotlink for Background will take you to your Senate confirmation hearing.  Please note:

1. All your grandchildren were in attendance.

2. As you know, you have 14 grandchildren.

3. I only have one grandchild.

4. When it comes to grandchildren, you would appear to have what I regard as an unfair numerical advantage.

5. You are only one year older than I and yet you are 13 grandchildren ahead of me.

6. Clearly you began the process of populating grandchildren by becoming a parent early in life.

7. I did not become a parent until I was in my 30s when I worried about whether I had the skills to be a parent. My first daughter Joanna was born in 1984. My second  daughter Amelia Altalena was born in 1990 and she was born two months early which scared the hell out of me. I still have not forgiven Amelia Altalena for her impatience.

8. One reason for my delay in preparing for the next generation was my treatment for a once fatal form of cancer: Hodgkin’s Disease.

9. [Note: This Section will be completed later.]


Debate details.

1. The purpose of the debate is to serve as a model perhaps even as a

Syllabus in development to encourage education of global food policy at a time where the vast majority of our country is removed both physically and conceptually from the farms where our food and the world’s food is produced.

2. Conceived in a lighthearted fashion, the idea of a debate between grandchildren and perhaps it may amuse you as well.

3. Never before in our history has the estrangement between…